SenseBall Training Football on a string


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SenseBall is the training football (soccer ball) on a string developed by CogiTraining, the revolutionary football training method implemented in football clubs and Federations around the world such as the Belgian FA, AC Milan, RSC Anderlecht, KRC Genk, Glasgow Rangers, FC Metz and FC Nantes.

The principle of SenseBall is based on the concept of bilateral activity. Thanks to its specific design, online exercise videos and didactical program, a player practicing with SenseBall will make an average of 500,000 touches of the ball in a season.

In a training session, a player uses his left foot as many times as his right and moves through space in a balanced way left/right and backwards/forwards. Whether done individually or in a group (and so rhythmically), the football training ball SenseBall enables developing specific football skills, reacting quicker and improving in rhythm.

The partner that makes you a better player

SenseBall is much more than a football training ball. SenseBall is NEURO STRATEGY, a complete football partner that improves your football skills and makes you two-footed. SenseBall also improves the performance of all sportspeople for whom speed and precise leg movements are essential (basketball, tennis, skiing, handball…).

With SenseBall, you train your brain, not just your muscles. This thesis developed within the Department of Psychology of Lund University (Sweden) provides evidence that four weeks of synchronized metronome training improved the participant’s motor timing and synchronization abilities, and showed influence on skill performance in soccer players.

Repetition of specific soccer movements with our insights regarding kinesiology, biomechanics, cognitive neurology and neuro psychology encourages muscle memory, which will improve your football performance. Such muscle memory won't happen without strict and structured guidance.

In addition to the sports benefit, it should be noted that CogiTraining and the practice of SenseBall, by developing and organizing the brain, enhance learning at school. Within our research into sports studies in association with the University of Leuven, we have seen that after practising our method for a year, on average children’s results at school had improved by 10% and their general behaviour had slightly improved (calmer, better concentration)

The purchase of SenseBall includes:



Its ergonomic handle means that SenseBall can be just as easily used with your right or your left hand. The handle is conceived to allow quick adjustment of the length of the string to player height.

The ball is especially conceived for intensive use. Its size 3 (a circumference between 58 and 60 cm), makes the player concentrate and eliminate aggressive, wild kicks. So, the player’s coordination and capacity for learning increase notably. The ball contains no PVC, which does not comply with European REACH standards, but rather just TPU, a more environmentally friendly alternative.


The purchase of SenseBall includes 50 online exercise videos in your private account. These videos get increasingly complex in accordance with the specific needs of each player. Each exercise contains an in-depth explanation of how to perform the task and the details to focus on, either as a player or a coach.

Thanks to its design and the online exercise videos, a player who practises with SenseBall makes an average of 500,000 touches of the ball in a season, whereas it is calculated that a professional footballer, in all of the matches and training sessions in which he participates, makes a maximum of 50,000 touches of the ball per season.


In order to access the SenseBall exercises wherever you are (football field, gym, schoolyard, garden, terrace, beach…), we have developed a mobile application, accessible through a link in your private account. You will thus be able to view the exercise videos in complete freedom.

Our experience has shown that young players love training with the SenseBall football ball and that traditional warm-ups, that they sometimes find boring, can be advantageously accompanied or substituted by a SenseBall session. After fifteen minutes’ practice they will already have touched the ball between 1,000 and 1,500 times.

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