Football Session Plan

Posted by Louis Farrell on

Do you create session plans before carry out your coaching sessions?

We feel it is really important to create a plan when thinking about what you are delivering to your football players. Ther FA also advise on creating a player development plan or season plan for your players and your team. This can be used to monitor the progress of your players and the team. We like to create a session plan for every session we deliver usually running alongside a theme that we have decided on. Our themes usually contain between 8-12 sessions lasting around 8 weeks depending on how many session we are able to deliver per week. For younger players we like to stick to around 4 or 5 themes per season however older players or adults may do a new theme every month. A theme may be 'attacking corners' or it could be 'attacking from central areas' it can whatever you feel your teams to improve on. A theme for a young player may be 'dribbling' or 'turning' both would if delivered effectively could take 2-8 weeks depending on a number of variables. 

To help you out, we have attached a session plan HERE to use as an example.


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